** Hannspree 28″ LCD Sports TV 1080P

Hannspree 28″ LCD Sports TV 1080P

Hannspree 28


About Hannspree 28″ LCD Sports TV 1080P:

The things you furnish your home with are ideally the ones which positively contribute to the joy of being in that space.

With that in mind, we design our TVs to light up our rooms with colors and designs that reflect our personalities.

For the Football fans, the Football TV is no different. It is unique to the point of being one-of-a-kind and if you love the sport, then this TV is a required item in your home.

When you look at the HANNS football closely; the distinct football shape, the perfectly scaled proportions and the genuine football leather, there is no denying the winning touchdow

Features Hannspree 28″ LCD Sports TV 1080P:

  • UPC: 842651007225
  • Weight: 34.200 lbs